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The D4PCIUFEQ, also known as D4PCIUFEW is a 4 port analog PCI telephony board with voice + fax capabilities. The cards are often used in auto dialer and voice mail applications. Features include:
  • 4" x 7" - half length card
  • RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) Compliant
  • PCI Express (PCI-E or PCIe) interface
  • 4 RJ-11 analog telephone ports
  • Install multiple cards in chassis for more than 4 lines
  • Supported in System Release 6 Service Update 171 or higher
  • One Year Warranty from EVS

More Info:
Dialogic Product Information for the D/4PCIUFEW
Dialogic QIC (Quick Install Card) for the D/4PCIUFEQ (D/4PCIUFEW)

Note: When you purchase this card you may receive a card marked D4PCIUFEQ or D4PCIUFEW, these cards are interchangeable.  The only reason the name was changed by Dialogic was to avoid confusion with similarly named cards.

Price: $425.00

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