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Dialogic D/300SC-E1 120 Ohm (USED)

The D/300SC-E1 75 Ohm is a Single Span E-1, PRI, ISA telephony board with 30 channels of voice processing. The cards are often used in auto dialer, predictive dialer, IVR and voice mail applications. Features include:
  • 4" x 13" - full length card
  • Single RJ48C connector for 120 Ohm lines
  • Has SCbus for connection to and resource sharing with other SCbus cards.
  • Install multiple cards in chassis for more than 30 lines, up to 16 card possible in a single chassis.
  • Can be used in Dialogic SR5.1.1 and older versions of Dialogic Drivers. Not supported in System Release 6.
  • Tested to start in DCM, and passes all UDD tests.
  • One year warranty from EVS on used boards.
More Info:
Dialogic Data Sheet for D/300SC-E1 75 Ohm
Download QIC (Quick Install Card) for the D/300SC-E1 75 Ohm
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