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Dialogic ISA Cards

Dialogic ISA cards are available in 2 port analog up to 48 port T1/PRI cards for use in ISA motherboard slots.  This category includes cards such as the Dialog/4, D/41D, D/240SC-T1 and D480SC-2T1
This category contains 4 subcategories
Dialogic D/21D (USED)
Dialogic D/41D (USED)
Dialogic D/41H (USED)
Dialogic D/160SC-LS Rev. 3 848-344 (USED)
Dialogic D/240SC-T1 Rev. 2 (USED)
Dialogic D/240SC-T1 Rev. 3 (USED)
Dialogic D/480SC-2T1 (USED)
Dialogic D/300SC-E1 75 Ohm (USED)
Dialogic D/300SC-E1 120 Ohm (USED)
Dialogic D/600SC-2E1 75 Ohm (USED)
Dialogic MSI/240SC-Global (USED)