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Skutch Electronics CK-4 - 4 Telephone Line Simulator

Recently redesigned for complete isolation between channels, this unit simulates four, individual, standard telephone company lines and also DID lines. This unit allows Voice Cards to be used as information systems at malls, hotels, or even trade shows; and it allows you to demonstrate Voice systems on a multi-line level.

This unit give you maximum connection flexibility. This unit connects easily to all industry standard single and dual line phones and Voice Cards. The unit operates on standard 110VAC house power.

This unit offers several significant improvements from the AS-66, as follows: independent Phone and Voice Card power loops that give your equipment maximum power, external option switches for changing operating modes, increased cross-talk immunity to keep your conversations separate, LED indicators for each channel to let you know what is going on and both single and dual line jacks for the Phones and the Voice Cards so you won't need to mess with jack splitters/combiners to connect your equipment.

To operate, take a telephone OFF HOOK and the CK-4 phone line simulator will automatically activate and connect you to the Voice Card. Once connected, you will have talk battery and you will be able to use the touch tones on your telephone for control codes as needed. When you finish, hang up the telephone and the CK-4 phone line simulator will immediately disconnect the Voice Card by giving it a CPC or WINK disconnect signal. Each line is completely separated from the others, and each telephone will be routed directly to the corresponding VOICE CARD port.

The following is a list of the channel specifications of the CK-4 phone line simulator:
  • Cross Talk between channels = -120db
  • AC hum level = -65dbm
  • Audio Loss per channel = -5.15db
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